Sweet Sounds of Summer

It begins with the frogs. Always the frogs. A chorus of them. Their song grows steadily louder as spring melts into summer. As the days pass, more sounds blend together to form a ‘Summertime Symphony’. 

The birds many voices lend a sweet sound to the rustling of new leaves as children laugh and splash in the water. All of these add charm to the warm days and comfortable evenings spent with family and friends. In all of these little things we can find peace.

The sweet sounds of summer remind us of days gone by and to cherish every moment. Summer draws people together as families, friends, and communities. Especially around the fourth of July. 

If only we could, as a people, keep this sense of generosity and community alive no matter what the season may be. There is so much tension between people that we forget to stop and listen to not only nature, but those around us. 

Let the sounds of nature remind us to stop and smell the flowers, to listen, and become closer to those we connect with day to day.


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