Spring Things

I’m sure you’ve noticed: I have not been on for some time.

Much has happened between then and now. I wrote a few pieces for a local magazine; it was a great pleasure talking to new people and quite the experience. But it wasn’t for me at the time. I learned a few new things along the way. Not only about writing. Life stuff, too. Lots of little life lessons. Thankfully, most of the major lessons were “completed in past chapters”.

A friend of mine recently asked how my writing is going. That’s part of the problem: it isn’t going. Of course, I have ideas. I just haven’t gotten that far yet. I’ve been coming up with a litany of reasons why I couldn’t. Take your pick. Too tired, too busy, too unfocused, and the list goes on.

Well, I’ve a few ideas I’m sifting through. A number happen to be ‘features’ on people or places. Let me tell you, I used to hate features. With a passion. I think it’s because what I find interesting or unique in their story is often completely opposite of others. The structure is wildly different in how the story is told, too.

Enough for today! I’ll be back soon with some more news.