Memorial Day Weekend

On this, the first day of the holiday weekend, it’s been warm and sunny in my hometown – at long last! As the day has turned to evening, the frogs have begun their chorus. The birds add their songs, too, creating a symphony from natural world.

Tonight we are playing games on a collapsible table outside. My family loves to have game nights. Everything from Mancala to Monopoly, SkipBo to War. I think our current favorites are Dr. Who Yahtzee, Go Fish (the Van Gogh and Friends one is delightful), and Niya. 

On this Memorial Day weekend, celebrating freedom should be welcomed. The sacrifices of those who earned said freedom should also be remembered. 

This being said, I hope all have a safe and enjoyable weekend with family and friends. Especially with all the distress around the world.


Late May Update!

Hello All!

I hope you’ve all been well.

Just a quick update tonight. I have updated my website url. If you should have my site bookmarked – please refresh your bookmark!

I am working on putting a collection of short stories together. With hope, it should be done come summer’s end!

Work and Enjoyment

Days like today are my favorite! It’s a beautiful spring day in early May. The sounds of birds chirping, leaves finally budding, a fresh breeze blowing, and the gentle warmth of the sun. New beginnings for so many things. We all need a fresh start sometimes. Enjoying the fine weather in Duluth, which lately has been absent, is a good place to start.

I’m taking time to drink ‘Good Morning, Paris’ tea at my favorite tea shop – The Snooty Fox. It’s the only locally owned tea shop in the area. While I’m here it’s time to get some article ideas and questions down.
Let’s see where the day takes this!