Rainy days are…

Good for many things. Who doesn’t just love and hate when the weather turns sour?! In places like my home town, weather changes from one end to the other…. even on top of the hill versus down by the lake. It makes life interesting, but frustrating.

Some of the things I love about rainy days are:

  • Having coffee with friends.
  • Reading a great book or magazine (personally, I don’t read Vogue or Allure, but I do enjoy a few writing magazines!).
  • Hanging around the house watching the latest Netflix trends or favorite DVDs – yes people still have ‘regular’ DVDs from about 20 years ago.
  • Curling up on the couch and loving our fluffy, furry friends. This… is mandatory.
  • Taking naps! Enough said. Why did we refuse naps as children?!
  • Doing day to day ‘chores’ like putting away laundry and doing dishes. This could be a good thing, but who really wants to, right?

Though there are several things rainy days are good for, there’s always the downside:

  • As stated earlier, ‘chores’. We’ll leave that there.
  • Going outside. Going from dry and tidy to wet and muddied.
  • Everyone seems to be ‘of a mood’.
  • Not being able to comfortably do outdoor activities like gardening, walks, and one many of my friends enjoy – frisbee golf.
  • I could go on forever, but I’ll end with this: springtime rain/ice storms where driving is hazardous and just plain difficult.

In the end, we need the good and the bad to experience life.