Seeds of Change

Expanding opportunities.

Yes! Yes, it is still winter. There is ice on the lake and show on the ground. It’s early March, but spring is coming. Nothing can stop that. Thank goodness! I really enjoy other seasons.

Change and come with the seasons. No one can deny that. Every year, season, month, week, and day we have an opportunity to start afresh. That’s what is so compelling about waking up to another day – we never know who will walk in or out of our lives or what circumstances we’ll be immersed into.

Anyone who knows me is quite familiar with the fact that I love tea and like talking about what’s going on in life. I use a lot of interesting, sometimes odd, ways of describing thoughts and feelings.

So allow me this small tangent:

We are the teabags and the water is life. As people, we’re all different. Those differences are the flavor we offer when steeped in the waters of our lives.

Sometimes, we take our teabags out early or leave them in to steep a little longer than we should. There’s plenty of examples both ways. You’ve seen it, I’ve seen it. Happens every day.

Shouldn’t be a problem, right? Wrong.

That’s where we often get in some sort of trouble.

Taken out too soon:

  • Missed opportunities with jobs, experiences, and relationships.
  • Regrets! Yes, all those regrets we said we’d avoid!
  • Doubts of whether or not we made the right decisions.

Taken out too late:

  • Wondering why the blazes we waited so long to leave that person, place, or job.
  • Being hurt in such a way that greatly reduces our mental or emotional status to the point where we can’t go on normally.
  • Becoming angry, bitter, hurtful folks who’ll stop at nothing to destroy others.

Of course, the list for both goes on and on.

My thoughts: learning what we, as individuals are capable of doing. Seize your moment, but don’t be too hasty or delay too long.

Tangent over. Take it for what you will. It’s not much, but it’s what I have to offer right now.

Anyways, my big change came within the last couple months. I decided to give freelance writing a second chance. So far, my ‘luck’ has seemed to change. My writing business is thriving, small as it may be when compared to others, but it’s growing!


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